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My very first post here....

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Mary Dude

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June 15, 2004

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Location: Pittsburgh, PA

PostPosted: February 26, 2011 9:37 PM    Post subject: My very first post here.... Reply with quote

This is my very first post here at woofmang - from August 2004 -

Mary Dude wrote:
I'm new here even though I've been smoke free for over 2 months after 24yrs of smoking at least a pack a day. I didn't think I could quit, but I have...I had a chance to participate in a smoking cessation study and the support from the group has made such a difference. BUT the education I've added from MyLung and here are an important part of staying quit. I really thought it would get easier...but there are times when I think staying quit is even harder than quitting! Am I crazy???...I watched the person in the car ahead of me dangle a cigarette out the window at a traffic light and I thought about getting out my car and grabbing it! I didn't - but the junking thinking is my biggest challenge right now... Anyway - HI! I do want to stay quit...so I'll be here as often as I can...have to go to the library to log on...but appreciate the support everyone here so freely bestows on the fellow quitters....

for me...its one day at a time....

That's really nostalgic - brings back many memories. Then I look at the names of folks who responded to it - and more memories. Maybe you'll recognize some of them -
alison, tsjay49 (Tom), Londa, jennifer32327, Essie662, Ben's Mom, zenpop (frederick), chooverg (Christine), justdebbie, bigdaddyscds, ms_tapestry (Tonya), kannprint (Jo), Marigrrl (Mariko), alleghany, kevin, bwick18 (Barb) -

I think kevin hit the nail on the head with his reply:
welcome, Mary - and you're right; the hard part is staying quit.

Mark Twain once said, "Quitting smoking is easy; I've done it hundreds of times." (or something close to that...) a lot of people read that quote and laugh, and think what a funny guy Mark Twain was - and he was, but there's a serious message in there, too; it is easy to quit: all you have to do is decide you're not going to smoke any more. the tough part is making that choice over and over again in the face of all the triggers and temptations, large and small, until it becomes more a part of you than smoking.

the good news is, it can be done. and if anybody can do it, so can you.

I've held on to this quit for over 6.5 years - in fact today is day #2448! that's what happens when you take it one day at a time!!

Old timers - see if you can find your very first post....and newbies..you too!

I'm so glad I found woofmang when I did - I don't know if I would have had the same success without the support I received here.!

Mary D.
Smoke-free one day at a time!
Worry doesn't help tomorrow's troubles, but it does ruin today's happiness!
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Site Admin

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Location: cincinnati, oh

PostPosted: February 27, 2011 11:53 AM    Post subject: Reply with quote

great idea, mary! here's my first post (on this incarnation of the quit smoking support @ woofmang.com forums; there was an earlier version of the forums that was live from some time in 2002 until i switched the forum software to the current package in early 2004):

on january 15, 2004, i posted:

Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.
~ traditional zen poem

(it was pretty quiet back then, too... Wink )

keep choosing life!


the zen of the quit
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April 10, 2004

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Location: St. Louis, MO

PostPosted: February 27, 2011 3:20 PM    Post subject: Reply with quote

My first post on woofmang was 2 weeks after my quit date of April 10, 2004:

"Hi Everyone,

I've been using the ALA FFS site and decided to give this one a try. After previewing all the different subjects, I feel this is where I need to be. I'm sure I'll see many of my FFS friends here.

I've been free for 2W, 4#, 23H, 45M and am feeling great; just crabby and, at times, a little depressed.

I look forward to "talking" with all of you and sharing your experiences as we travel along this journey together.

Responders were Mindy, Tammy, Kevin, Juanita, Carol, Leona, Paula, Zuzu, Fightn4life, 160cean, Nurseliz.

Those responses were so very welcome.

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April 14, 2004

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Location: MI

PostPosted: March 1, 2011 9:39 PM    Post subject: Reply with quote

July 1, 2004

"Hi, I'm Essie and I am new here although I do feel I know some of you just from visiting a few times. You sound like a great source of support so I decided to register even tho' I am scared of the computer world yet and a bit shy anyway. I'm really not sure I am where I should be to introduce myself. (I need a grandkid here to help me I think.) Anyway, thanks for listening. I am doing good with my quit, something like 77 days so far, this is one time when it is good to be a quitter!!

Responders were: Kannprint, bjj, Kevin, fightn4life,ms. tapestry, alleghany, jennifer 32327, Wanda and Morgandy morgance.

Best thing I ever did was post here. Owe my quit to lot of friends on this site. Smile

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