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email addresses

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PostPosted: January 23, 2005 1:36 PM    Post subject: email addresses Reply with quote

when you register as a member of this community, you agree to provide a working email address to be used to confirm your membership and to subsequently contact you about matters relating to your membership. if you choose not to provide a working email address, you cannot complete the registration process, because the software is set up to send a "confirmation" email to the address you provide during registration, containing a link that you must click to "activate" your account. if you don't get that email (either because you chose not to provide a working email address or because of a typo in the address you entered), you can't click that link, and if you can't click that link, you can't log in. this effectively enforces the policy of no anonymous posting, and i believe it's one of the major reasons why this set of message boards has been remarkably free of the problems found at many similar support sites.

implicit in that agreement is an agreement to keep your email address up to date, so that, as long as you are a member, you can be contacted. if your email address changes, and you don't update your profile here to reflect the new address, any messages sent to you will be sent to your old address, and they'll "bounce" (i.e., be returned to me as undeliverable). this is potentially a big problem, as my host (and most other hosts) frowns on "bounced" emails; they're often an indicator that a website is engaging in spamming, and most hosts will shut a website down first and ask questions later if they think they're at risk of being "blacklisted" as a "spammer-friendly" host.

the reason i mention this now is because lately i've been getting more and more bounced emails from both new registrants and existing members. i won't put the entire community at risk by allowing this trend to continue unchecked, so i've decided to implement the following policies:

if you're a new registrant and you provide a non-working address during registration (whether intentionally or not; the end result is the same whether you deliberately entered a false address or there's a typo in your address), your account will be deleted. if this happens to you, please try again, and this time, triple-check that you've entered the correct email address during registration; you will not be given an account unless you provide a working email address.

if you're an existing member and your email address changes, and you fail to update your profile (causing emails to your outdated address to bounce back to me), your account will be de-activated (i.e., you won't be able to log in). if this happens to you, please use the contact form (which can be reached through the "make contact" link at the top of every page of the site) to get in touch with me to find out why; if it was bounced email that led to your account being de-activated, and you provide me with a working address to use (or if you've cleared up whatever the problem was with the one that bounced and it's working again), i'll be happy to re-activate your account. if i don't hear from you within a reasonable period of time, i'll assume that you don't wish to maintain your account, and may delete it. if this happens, you're free to register again, but you will have lost any private messages you'd saved, and you will have lost the ability to edit any public messages that you had previously posted.

thanks for your cooperation on this.

keep choosing life!


the zen of the quit
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